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Adult Classes

Adult classes are open to all ability levels and styles, no prior experience is necessary. We emphasize our friendly and helpful environment that focuses on individual development and training. While BJJ training can be considered a vigorous workout, you will also have fun.

The monthly class fee of $75.00 dollars covers all adult classes.
​Please contact us at montpeliermartialart@me.com or 802-223-6309 prior to your first class.

The ancient art of jiu-jitsu is Japanese in origin. However, modern times have dictated an evolution of this ancient art into a very sophisticated practice in Brazil. Most real fights end up on the ground and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) specializes in ground fighting. BJJ is very practical for anyone interested in realistic self defense.

Based on techniques of balance and leverage rather than strength and size, BJJ training will help you develop your fighting skills and provide you with the tools for dealing with conflict at the level you choose. BJJ training is the best investment you will ever make!


Wing Chun Gung Fu is a dynamic Chinese street combat style characterized by short, sharp strikes down the Centerline, and is known for its principles of simultaneous attack and defense, hand trapping, and economy of motion. It is a relatively new system, developed in China less than 400 years ago. Sifu Randy Williams is known for his non-traditional American sports-like approach to the art. Hard training and practical self-defense application are the hallmarks of Sifu Randy's Close Range Combat Academy curriculum.

Kids Jiu-Jitsu!

Our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is designed to introduce your child to the basics of realistic self-defense, with an emphasis on anti-bullying techniques, in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The class promotes self-esteem, discipline, cooperation with other children, respect for peers and adults, perseverance, and overall health and well-being.  

Our Fall session has started. Contact Sue at montpeliermartialart@me.com or call 802-223-6309 for more information on our Winter session, starting in January. 

6:30 - Adult BJJ Basics Class

4:00pm - Kids BJJ, ages 6-8
4:45pm - Kids BJJ, ages 9-11
6:00pm - Adult (16+) BJJ Fundamentals
7:00pm - Adult (16+) BJJ Beginners Class

4:00pm - Kids BJJ, Beginners Class
5:30pm - Wing Chun Gung Fu

6:00pm - Adult BJJ Intermediate Class
7:00pm - Adult BJJ Advanced Class

8:30am - Kids BJJ, ages 6-7
9:15am - Kids BJJ, ages 8-9
10:00am - Kids BJJ, ages 10-11
11:00am - Adult / 10-15 year old BJJ Open Mat (after training 3 months)

9:30am-10:30am - BJJ Power Hour (Free to all schools once a month. Contact us for exact dates, or check our Facebook page)
Nothing is free
Everyone works
We all start at the bottom
BJJ Power Hour!
New on Sundays, we're offering BJJ Power Hour from 9:30-10:30am. 
5 5-minute rolls
3 10-minute rolls
1 minute rest in between each round. 
Come and check out this fun and challenging format for Free (to all non-Montpelier Martial Art students) once a month. Please check our Facebook Page for dates. Starting Sunday, June 30th!
New Class: BJJ Basics
Starting September 9, from 6:30-7:30pm, Montpelier Martial Art black belt, Dennis Sherman, will be offering a class geared for people with no previous experience who are interested in learning about the positions and movements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu with other fellow beginners. 
Email us at montpeliermartialart@me.com for more information.